Thetis is a specialist business development expert in the financial and IT industry providing direct sales forces and operational activities to help Technology and Professional Services firms to win more business.
We work with clients in the Asia and Europe, providing valuable clients and strategic partners.
Our specialist experience in technology and professional services and create new business chances and clients for you.


We sell your services and products.

There are tremendous opportunities across Asia and European market. It is however difficulty to achieve the right customer’s relationship because of geographic reason, lack of market information, and need least mid and long term investment. What we provide you the right clients who need your service and products.
We develop the right opportunities and direct clients for you on behalf based on business partner agreement.
We sell your services and products.


At Thetis we have one strong global leadership team that sets one single global strategy and agenda.

To ensure we are efficient and effective, we have organized our legal entities into

• Asia-Pacific
• Europe

It allows us to ensure that we execute our strategy and provide exceptional client service wherever in the world our clients do business.
Our global Executive is our highest management body and focuses on strategy, execution and operations.



Management Strategy

Our management strategy defines:

• Company vision, goals, main initiatives, and corporate level business development
• Main business strategies, services and products
• Technology s in regard to global market demands

Our management stays at the cutting edge of business framework, using proprietary business network to set the right customer sales and framework.
Our management knowledge in the fields of financial service, information technology, environmental technology, manufacturing and merchandising.


European Regional Headquarter Thetis FS AB, Ringvägen 100, 9 floor, Stockholm, 18160, Sweden.

Asia Regional Headquarter Thetis FS, Thetis FN, South Korea Pangyo-Dong 600-6, Bundang-Gu,
SeongNam City, Gyongki-Do.



Become Our Partner

We seeks an international business opportunities for IT industry and financial industry.

We optimize the business networks to find European application vendors and Korean application buyers.

We work as a sales brokerage for IT companies in bound Europe, and for outbound, we work as a consulting firm to provide good packages for Asian corporate that will procurement.

For seller, it requires to network with Asian customers in order to penetrate into market, the seller should invest the numbers of resources, time and energy, but simply registering into Thetis as a member firm (partners) will provide high valued services as It will be continued to follow up providing post contract service such as maintenance and support, training and education.

For buyers who do not have deep feature of European technology need the certainty of products and company in commercial perspective. This could not being easily created between new market participant and buyer.

Thetis will help each seller and buyer to resolve with any related concern on matters of product, service, contract, company, agreement and so on.