Our strategy is to partner with the strong local technology vendors in Europe, leveraging their expert and technology with existing relationship of Asian countries customers, for instance, financial institution, electronic manufacture, airline, medical, and car manufacture.

Thetis has granted a sales right to Korea and Asian territory to conduct global sales channel.

In return, each sale is to resell the application

I.S.V Consulting


Thetis offers consulting and development services to Independent Software Vendors (ISV's) developing software and on-demand services that integrate with the clients specific systems.

Sales and Business
Development Consulting

In a company where tradition, sales and business development activities are conducted internally.
However, modernity and globalization convergence, we face the large market is opened across region and continental.
Thetis is the focal point of outsourcing sales and business development profession.
A fast growing and relatively young generation in European start up their venture company with highly appreciated information technology, while the weakness is that sustainability of global market expansion.
In particular, Asian market is "Opportunity and Relationship Shortage" as never even think of go to market.




We do co-work with the numbers of fintech and online payment services.
We do look for partners who want to go to Asian market and European market.



In the growth of interest in European goods, Korean buyers are experiencing a gradual trend toward European countries.

In response to increasing demand, we plan to begin a number of major collaborative ecommerce business projects.

We run online stores with European goods for Korean buyers.

Together with it, we will provide online ecommerce platform to Asian buyers only focusing on "European Fancy and Merchandising Goods.

Thetis FS AB will line up "affordability goods" for both European merchandiser and Asian buyers.

Because of geographic reason, much of the new buyers feel difficulty to make an order product by online, in resulting, to decrease market opportunity.

However, we do help you it.

Financial Data Management

We provide smart, streamlined software for staying on top of global market trends. We provide data integration and thousands of datasets.
We provide you the accuracy and transparency you need to perform innovative analysis and present it clearly.