Our sales strategies are designed to look for the right customers who have demands on your services and products.

We leverage our extensive network of current and former clients and other contacts to establish a footprint in the market.

Based on our existing relationship, we anticipate that we can go close sales with several reference customers.


The market is segmented today as comprising two groups.
One is a group of company who will sell and provide business application, solution, software, technology and its relevant professional services across various specific industries.
Our business model is to collaborate with such application vendors to create independent software and sell them into buyer group.
On the other hand, for seller group, the massive buyer groups will be introduced from Asian affiliates of Thetis because we will mainly sell our products into Korea and Asian countries.
Once we have figured out the demand and supply of buyer and seller, we will start to adjust the sales and procurement conditions to help each side.
What we need to get from sellers is the sales rights of product, non-disclosure agreement, price policy and guaranteed partnership for either exclusivity or non-exclusivity.
In order to reduce potential business risks, every agreement procedures will be reviewed by legal advisor on legal matter related to definition of partnership, procurement agreement and others. It is very important to collaborate with legal advisory service.
Thetis works for the bridge between seller group and buyer group that present here.



We believe that it has the right combination of experience, skill and vision to quickly put the company on a rapid track for growth and profits. The follows factors contribute to your success:

ㆍNetwork development is the most important factor;
ㆍLegal relationship as partner, sales agent, reseller,

ㆍoutsourcing, business development;
ㆍAttention to every details in customer voices and customer demands;
ㆍProvide outstanding value and services.


Partnership Network


You are already the star brand. As long as we have common goal, it is important for you and us take place for having business partner relationship.
    We do develop supply channel and customer pool together.
    In particular, vendor can offer various service and products and we are going to sell them to the right customers.
We do follow the “business matchmaking” which is the process/service of finding buyers/customers, licensees and other business potentialities.


Our goal is to become the first market leader in European Asian corporate as quickly as possible.
To achieve this, we will Stay at the cutting edge of business framework, using proprietary business network to set the right customer sales framework.
Actively support and assist procurement decision makers and business partners.
Introduce innovative methods for sales and marketing, and servicing in the global market.
Focus on core competencies on technology enhancement, product design and development, marketing and sales management, technical support, training and documentation.
Differentiate services and products on the value.
Sell precise and efficient products.
Our value is different from anyone as providing corporate matching services.




We provide independent consulting and software vendor service as specializing in selling or making financial management and it relevant market data software, and also designed it for mass or niche markets across Asian market.
Thetis is a professional company provides the value added services of the IT, e-commerce, mobile and financial markets transaction between Swedish/European and Korean/Asian market.
For IT business perspective, it applies for application-specific or embedded software from solution producers.
Thetis makes and sell software products that run on client’s one or more operation system platforms.
For retail business perspective, it applies for serving e-commerce of European products to Asian market.
Thetis provides the online market place to order products and settle balance.
Thetis and its affiliates are a sales and service partner of BehavioSec AB Sweden, GTA Data China, FactSet, Intedelta, Innobiz Service, F1 Consulting, Edaily and Vis Viva.
Thetis provides the market place for both online and offline transactions and its related value added services such as an outsourcing of international shipping and customer service.
We developed with IT infrastructure and created many layers of value added services.
This business outsources merchandising, sales, distribution, allowing our business to scale more efficiently than others.

BehavioSec offers Behavioral biometric solutions to create a multi layered approach for authentication & verification purposes. The solution is designed to enhance security without annoying the end user or impeding commerce. Our solutions make sure that you are always protected by verifying the user's identity without introducing cumbersome security measures or requiring additional hardware. By monitoring such behavior as keystroke dynamics or smart phone input such as gestures, touch pressure, swipe angle etc. We map a profile behavior 'fingerprint' against historical records to verify the user or identify an attacker. BehavioSec software significantly speeds up fraud detection and investigation by recognizing if the users are who they say they are.

FactSet Research Systems Inc., trading as FactSet, is a multinational financial data and software company headquartered in Norwalk, CT, United States. The company provides financial information and analytic software for investment professionals. FactSet offers access to data and analytics to analysts, portfolio managers, and investment bankers at global financial institutions. The company does not offer products for individual investors. FactSet's business focuses on technology and client service. In addition to combining disparate databases, the company also develops its software. FactSet provides clients with consultants, telephone support, and training.

RelationDesk is an advanced web based business tool for social media. RelationDesk’s core features keeps tracks of and analyzes all the conversations and customer Relationships a company is building in social media. RelationDesk is a tool to manage all customer service on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and email. It allows service representatives to see all conversations from your Facebook and Twitter and facilitates answering the questions using social media. RelationDesk is a fully scalable service that helps companies build great relationships with their customers in social media. RelationDesk is a real Social CRM that enables you to use your whole organization to give great answers to your customers. As soon as any outside person talks to any of the RelationDesk user’s Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, Instagram accounts or public email boxes, that conversation is retrieved into RelationDesk and the RelationDesk user is given a number of tools to manage this conversation.

Salesbox is the predictive and mobile CRM for those that want to be successful in sales. With Salesbox you can also trust the data and forecasts since they build on facts and not guesswork. All we do, 24/7, is about making it easier for you to focus and reach your sales targets, that is our promise. Users in 180+ countries. The problem with traditional CRM systems is that they work much like graveyards of information and give you little guidance to do more and better business. The single most unique thing with Salesbox is that it works like a sales GPS. Exactly like the regular GPS guides you towards your physical target, Salesbox guides you towards your sales targets. Exactly like the regular GPS can support different routes, Salesbox supports different sales processes, each can be unique to you as a user and provide you the most efficient way to your destination.

We're combatting one of the biggest global health perils today: air-pollution. At Airinum, we care about what you breathe, that's why we commit to always provide the best solutions to breathe healthy anywhere in the world. We tackle air pollution on a global scale by providing breathing masks of the highest quality. Designed in Sweden for a urban and healthy lifestyle.

Klarna is a Swedish e-commerce company that provides payment services for online storefronts. Their core service is to assume stores' claims for payments and handle customer payments, thus eliminating the risk for seller and buyer. About 20% of all e-commerce sales in Sweden goes through Klarna. Klarna was founded in Stockholm in 2005 with the idea to simplify buying. Today, we are one of Europe’s fastest growing companies. In 2014 we joined forces with SOFORT and formed Klarna Group, the leading European payment provider. The company has more than 1200 employees, most of them working at the headquarters in Stockholm, and is active on 18 markets. We serve 35 million consumers and work with 50 000 merchants. Our goal is to become the world’s favorite way to buy.